Taking Amazing Underwater Whale Photos For Your Blue Whale Photography Collection

Whale Photos

The greatest thing about Blue Whale photography is that it is easy to get your hands on the equipment you need to take stunning photographs. Anyone can do it, even children as young as three. Their eyesight is very good and they’re fascinated by these gigantic mammals that swim beneath the surface of the ocean.

You don’t have to go buy the specific equipment required for capturing the action of a whale, either. You can find all the equipment you need for taking pictures of this magnificent animal in a simple blue whale photo album.

A blue whale photo album is a spectacular way to document an incredible sighting. They’re not just beautiful, they’re incredible animals that are commonly seen feeding in large schools on the water’s surface.

The Best Time

These great sights usually happen on certain months of the year. A great deal of time is spent by individuals who travel to the Northern Hemisphere during this time. Many people who take up this hobby get the chance to witness these spectacular animals as they enter their migration season.

You can expect to get great photographs from some of the most remarkable sightings. People who live near these locations know when the whales will be there and most often, can capture them easily. Just make sure that you go into the water wearing the right gear.

Gear and Accessories

The first thing you should wear while diving and photographing a huge whale is a mask with a face mask. This will provide you with enough protection to ensure that you don’t end up getting stinged or bitten by the creature.

Some of the biggest creatures in the ocean spew greenish foam from their blowholes. The color of this foam matches that of the color of the whale’s blubber and if it is not observed closely enough, it could be mistaken for food, not unlike the yellow from an oyster.

Once you’ve gotten used to your mask, there are some other items you can use for taking underwater photos. Don’t forget that there are other items that you can get as well, such as a two-way communication device, which lets you see whales underwater in the same manner as a normal video camera.

Some other accessories make underwater photography more enjoyable. Not only can you get oxygen tanks and breathing tubes, but you can also use a guide to give you some clues as to where to look for whales.

Talking to Locals

Visit local tours or fishing shops in your area to pick up some of these items. In most cases, these items can be borrowed from other local shops and reconditioned as long as you are bringing them back from their original destinations.

Not only are there accessories that can help you with your shots, but there are also locations in various places around the world that offer you a chance to get some amazing underwater photos of a whale. If you’re looking for some of the best locations, you can check out Antarctica, Scotland, Mexico, Iceland, or even New Zealand.

One great thing about taking photos of these creatures is that there is no charge for doing so. You can check with the National Marine Fisheries Service for more information on their whale watching program.