Whales And other wildlife - Pam & Wayne Osborn


It’s a great privilege to photograph big animals on and in the water. When it is those most charismatic of all megafauna; the great whales, fortune has indeed smiled upon you. We always try to remember we are their guests; intruders in their world and behave accordingly.   We let them make the decision to approach us.

Our travels in search of whales have taken us to the Azores  in the mid-Atlantic, Vava’u in the South Pacific and our home waters of the Indian Ocean in Western Australia. We hope you enjoy this selection of whales and other wildlife. 

The images directly below are sperm whales from the Azores.  It is a mere 25 years whaling ceased and it was wonderful see three newborn calves during our visit in July 2009.  In the image on the right, a newborn suckles from mum.